Let’s talk ovulation ..

Why is tracking ovulation so hard sometimes ?

I used to have very regular , very straight forward cycles . 28 days between each , always ovulated around the same time and I knew where I stood with it . Always knew my own body too and could tell when it was coming and I was ovulating .

Now since having Molly , my youngest , and since we have started tracking them they are all over the place . Some going a very short amount of time between them , so going much longer and I simply just can’t tell anymore when I’m ovulating. I feel Trying to Conceive this time round is going to be challenging .

My periods are always erratic recently too , this last one only lasted three days where they usually are 5-6 . One before was only two days .

Can’t really keep up with my body at the moment .

I’m tracking it still the best I can on the Ovia App and I’m also looking into getting a Ava bracelet if these crazy cycles continue . The investment would be worth it . Have any of you used this before ? Some feedback would be invaluable .


Currently my Ovia App is showing 4 days until my fertile window. Even though we’re not trying until we have been away next month it’s still handy to keep a track of where we’re at , even if it’s not totally correct it’s the best I can do at the moment along with the ovulation sticks . Last cycle I never got a positive test . I had darker lines around when the app was showing I was due to ovulate but never got as dark as or darker then the control line but saying this I have never had a what is considered positive test and I have 4 children so I’m fairly certain ovulation does occur .

How to tell if you are ovulating -

• Change is cervical fluid - If your cervical fluid resembles egg whites it’s a sign that ovulation is near

• Change in basal body temperature - most woman will find that their basal body temperature is pretty consistent, before ovulation occurs there may be a slight dip then after ovulation a sharp increase . Accurately tracking this for a few months can really help in working out your cycles .

• Change is cervical position or firmness - During ovulation the cervix will be high , soft , open and wet . This can be a harder one to go by as it can take time for a woman to differentiate between what their cervix normal feels like .

This method is know as the ‘ The fertility awareness method ‘ and is widely used to prevent or achieve pregnancy .

Read more here https://americanpregnancy.org/preventing-pregnancy/natural-family-planning/

Other symptoms -

• Slight cramping on one side of the pelvis

• Light Spotting

• Increased sex drive

• Abdominal bloating

• Heightened sense of smell / taste or vision

• A positive ovulation test

Not all woman will experience all these symptoms if any at all .

Family life -

Checking in with home life . Being a mother to 4 as you can imagine it’s always a busy household . With ages ranging from 12 to 11 months there’s never a dull moment .

It’s been the wonderful Easter holidays here in west sussex and although I adore having the kids at home , I’ve really found it difficult whilst working night shifts in the week . I have that awful Mum guilt as the two days a week after I worked i just simply don’t have the energy to go out or do anything . Luckily my mum has come to the rescue a couple of days and taken the kids off my hands for a few hours so I can try sleep but I struggle to even do that, the joys of being overtired ! But the other days we have done plenty of fun activities , mostly free or very cheap as we’re still in saving mode for our holiday to Florida next month , but what’s better then free fun aye ?

We did round off our Easter break with a family trip to Fishers Farm on good Friday which was a really fun day out .

Fast approaching is my daughters 1st birthday . How this is possible I just don’t know ! Time certainly does fly . And not long after is my sons 3rd birthday . We are celebrating both birthday in Disney World so that will be really exciting for everyone .

Thank you for reading and pop back next week for the next update on this exciting , slightly mad , journey to baby no 5

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