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Our sway founders began their in-depth research into gender swaying back in 2015. By 2018 they had perfected their sway to become one of the most accurate on the market. Scientifically backed research and proven techniques established a programme that gives you the very best chance to sway naturally, by pre selecting the sex for your preferred gender, without spending thousands of pounds on IVF.

By applying our techniques at the right time to work with your natural biological ovulation, will hugely increase your probability of achieving the outcome you desire.  By incorporating our new exciting findings, we know this will increase our success rate even further.


For generations, moms and dads have tested a variety of different techniques to increase the odds for their preferred sex. Most have tried a number of things to have either a girl or a boy and yet they still end up with the opposite gender. The reason for this is because of the moon and the alignments of the cosmos. Is there any truth behind gender swaying? YES there is but its pretty complicated and pretty amazing. And that's where our expertise will come in. We are so excited about our new and improved findings that we can not wait to share them with you all. In order to effectively try for and have either a baby boy or a baby girl there are several factors that MUST be followed, the zodiac phases in which you ovulate and conceive under is the most important.​


Our amazing sway method was founded almost 3.5 years ago, and we have successfully helped over 490 families fulfill their dreams of having their desired gender. Unfortunately a few  of our sways failed. (12 failed sways to be precise!) Although this can happen, we strive for perfection in our method and do not take failed sways lightly.  We care so much!

On further analysis, we found a re-occurring pattern with our successes and our failures and this is where the exciting news comes in,  they all lined up under a female or male zodiac. 490 stats now reviewed!

We are always updating our research, as this is key to our methods success! And we have joined hands with an amazing lady who has researched fertility, astrology and family planning for several years. Combining the science, our new cosmic sway method was born. Whilst still incorporating our original method we came across a method from 60 years ago called the Jonas method. Eugen Jonas became known for an unusual family planning method that he developed as a young doctor in the early 1950's on the basis of astrological traditions and thus met with great resistance from his medical colleagues. As part of para- scientific research projects in the 1960's in what was then the Eastern Bloc, he was able to make his method known through numerous lectures.


Published was the method of the moon phase angle theory.

Jonas found that the sex of the offspring is related to certain phases of the moon at the time of conception. The astrological sign in which the moon is at the time of one's own conception should be decisive for the gender of the child. According to Jonas, his method, which is usually referred to as the "cosmobiological method" or "cosmobiological conception planning" in the West, offers a 98% certainty in the natural sex selection of gender, provided that the time of conception is chosen so that the moon is in the middle of the desired ecliptical Segment (male or female) is when the most fertile phase of a woman is predominant.


The moon changes its orbit approximately every 60  hours, between a female and a male segment. The decisive factor for the sex of the child, however, is the exact time of fertilization of the female egg. Jonas explains the fact that there are twins of different sexes and the reasoning for these cases is the moon would have been exactly between the female and male segments at the time of conception.​ According to Jonas, the moment of birth (moon phase angle at the time of birth) would have a biologically determinant meaning for the future fertility cycle, which belongs exclusively to the theoretical foundations in astrology.

Dr. Jonas discovered that under certain circumstances the bio-chemical environment of the endometrium is subject to certain periodic variations and that these in turn lead to sedimentation of the sperm. His method shows that there are some days in woman's fertility cycle where she can conceive a BOY only and days where only a GIRL can be conceived but this would only occur during a spontaneous ovulation. He never used this alongside our biological ovulation. Why? Because back then ovulation test weren't widely available and a spontaneous ovulation occurred 85% of the time. Now, as things have changed dramatically like diet, our lifestyle's, more processed foods, exercise, medications and technology advancements the % of this spontaneous egg is now around 40%. With that in mind we wanted to replicate the method but use this alongside our bio-logical ovulation that does occur each month and our success rate is astonishing.

In the mid-1960's, Dr. Jonas's theories were first put into practice. A local newspaper, The Voice of Nitra, began to inform the public about the existence of the Natural Conception Control and invited volunteer couples to participate and help the research by trying the Dr. Eugen Jonas Method. By 1965, a sufficient number of volunteers became available, and Dr. Jonas's calendars were published with instructions provided in Czech, Slovak and Hungarian languages.

The influence of the moon, on nature and us as human beings is something that many do not take seriously.

Most of us know that the moon influences the tides, our human behaviors, animals, and its relationship on the menstrual cycle of women. 

The lunar cycle has a direct impact on our human reproduction, in particular fertility, menstruation, and birth rates. The sun's light provides the energy for all living things. But this alone is not enough for life to originate. The tidal waves show the physical effect of the moon, the moon acts as a reflecting body of the sun's light, due to some possible unknown effect this is the cause for life to be born. Without the moon the earth could be lifeless. If the moon is this powerful and plays such a huge roll-on life, then why wouldn't it be a deciding factor on the sex of your baby? 

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We have spent many years researching other ways to increase the likelihood of conceiving a girl or boy. Science is what counts and when you combine the evidence we complied, we made our perfect bio-logical ovulation sway. 

So, with pH in mind, and knowing the massive effects of the pH levels in our reproductive tract during ovulation, whilst also aligning the zodiac phases, plus our expertise, you will increase your chances of conceiving your desired gender.

 Science today shows us that every other sway method is not as accurate as first believed, when Dr. Shettles Landrum believed he had made a breakthrough in natural sex selection, his method hit the internet like a storm. Unfortunately, his theory didn't ring true, and recent studies show his method, alongside many others (Babydust Method) promoting a cut off (sex days before ovulation) doesn't increase your chances for any gender. Why? Because unless your sway lines up with the zodiacs its 100% going to fail.

The timing of intercourse in relation to ovulation does matter, and the pH levels in the reproductive tract (not vagina) is what sways and so, when the Moon passes through the different signs of the zodiacs, the alkalinity of the womb is changing for acidity and vice versa affecting the sedimentation of the sperm. 

During our in-house studies, with the ladies we guided, we collected their data and found the amazing link between the moons phases and our bodies natural response to the pH levels during ovulation. 

​With our extensive research and years of knowledge we knew we had to bring a new method to light, something that no one else has done before. Combining science and astrology. The answer that not even scientist have found!


The Moon phases can also have a direct impact of the gender that we will conceive. For many years its been said that a full moon will result in you conceiveing a boy, however, we were able to debunk this theory pretty quickly by seeing that each moon phase is also influenced by a certain zodiac, this will either be female or male dominant. 


Each sign of the zodiac is either masculine or feminine. Every 60 hours these zodiacs alternate, from girl to boy.

These zodiacs are controlled by the Moon, and at the time of conception as the Moon passes through the different signs of the zodiacs, the pH levels within the womb alter to alkaline or acidic, affecting the sedimentation of the sperm.

The pH in your reproductive tract has a direct impact of the gender you will conceive. The X sperm will thrive in a more acidic environment and the Y sperm in a more alkaline environment.

Research shows that the egg now chooses the sperm it wants to fertilise. There is a chemoattractant signal that occurs during the time the moon passes through that zodiac and if your biological ovulation occurs during the female zodiac then that is the gender you will likely conceive and vice versa.

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Air & Fire







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Earth & Water








SWAY DISCLAIMER: Our method may add additional findings at times, and this will only increases your success rate further.

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