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Gender Swaying

Our sway founders began their in-depth research into gender swaying back in 2015. By 2018 they had perfected their sway to become one of the most accurate on the market. Scientifically backed research and proven techniques established a programme that gives you the very best chance to sway naturally, by pre selecting the sex for your preferred gender, without spending thousands of pounds on IVF.

By applying our techniques at the right time to work with your natural biological ovulation, will hugely increase your probability of achieving the outcome you desire.  By incorporating our new exciting findings, we know this will increase our success rate even further.


What Is Gender Swaying?

For generations, moms and dads have tested a variety of different techniques to increase the odds for their preferred sex. Most have tried a number of things to have either a girl or a boy and yet they still end up with the opposite gender. The reason for this is because of the moon and the alignments of the cosmos. Is there any truth behind gender swaying? YES there is but its pretty complicated and pretty amazing. And that's where our expertise will come in. We are so excited about our new and improved findings that we can not wait to share them with you all. In order to effectively try for and have either a baby boy or a baby girl there are several factors that MUST be followed, the zodiac phases in which you ovulate and conceive under is the most important.​


Where We Began

Our sway method was founded almost 3.5 years ago, and we have successfully helped hundreds of families fulfill their dreams of having their desired gender. Our sway guide book consists of everything you need to learn about gender swaying. Our method also boast an incredible accuracy of 90%! 

We have spent many years researching the best ways to increase the likelihood of conceiving a girl or boy. Science is what counts and when you combine the evidence we complied, we made our perfect sway.

​With pH and egg polarity in mind, and knowing the massive effects pH levels in our reproductive tract during ovulation,  plus our expert advice written in our guide book, you will increase your chances of conceiving your desired gender.


Natural Sex Selection

 After several years of research and lots of scientific studies, we got the evidence we needed that proved every other sway method around (those that encourage a cut off method) were destined to fail. 


When Dr. Shettles Landrum believed he had made a breakthrough in natural sex selection, his method hit the internet like a storm. Unfortunately, his theory didn't ring true, and recent studies show his method, alongside many others (Babydust Method) promoting a cut off (sex days before ovulation) increases your chances by 60% for a male feus. Why? ​pH! The timing of intercourse in relation to ovulation does matter. You can read more on this in our amazing guide book.

​With our extensive research and years of knowledge we knew we had to bring a new method to light, and we did! 

SWAY DISCLAIMER: Our method may add additional findings at times, and this will only increases your success rate further.

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