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Since 2018, The nub techs LTD have proved to mum's and dad's across the world how The Nub Theory is extremely accurate in determining gender from an early gestation.

Although most do this just for fun, the science behind it shows its more than just a theory.


As a company we are thrilled to offer our services to you, with us you will only receive complete honesty in your prediction. 


We know for those parents to be, one of the most exciting things about welcoming a new baby into the world is finding out their gender, this can make the pregnancy all that more real and give you something to plan for.

Whilst the NHS don’t offer a gender scan until 20 weeks, this can often feel like a lifetime for many expecting parents. However, with The Nub Theory you can find out much sooner between 11-13 weeks.

Here at The Nub Techs Ltd we currently hold a 99.2% accuracy so you can find out sooner rather than later what gender your baby may be. By using The Nub Theory you can have access to vital information that will help shape your future, and our team would love to be part of something special.

To find out more about us, take a look around our website today.

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when is nub theory most accurate



We pride ourselves on our exceptional illustrations and we believe that you should receive something special and memorable, our professional drawings mean than we stand out from the rest. We bring you something unique in our illustrations that no one else has to offer. Here's a peak at how we've grown over the years, but keeping our colour theme the same. We was the first company to incorporate the white,red and yellow theme that you now may find elsewhere.


Unfortunately as new companies appear our work continues to be copied and other companies claim our work was originally there's. 

Our illustrations are that of the nub techs ltd and we are protected under copyright. 

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