The Nub Techs LTD are the Internets number one go to, for nub theory predictions. They are highly skilled and well versed in early fetal gender prediction and have passionately studied the nub theory for many years. Nub theory is officially backed by science, down to advances of diagnostic imaging, they can now provide accurate gender predictions at the earliest stages of pregnancy.

Let them be the one's to determine your baby's gender today from just 12 weeks. With an impressive accuracy rate of 99%, they are regularly recommended across many platforms on social media to be the very best and most accurate at what they do. Celebrities and bloggers across the world have trusted them with their baby's gender and they have never failed to disappoint.

The Nub Techs LTD will always strive to give its customers not only the most accurate prediction possible, but an experience worth remembering. We know that sometimes scans can be difficult to read, so we do all the work for you. Our illustrations include but are not limited to baby's legs, cord, cord Insertion, arms, hands, feet and much more (results vary with each scan). All of this is provided to you in an exceptionally illustrated report that showcases exactly how baby is imaging in the womb. Along with your illustration you will receive a very detailed report which explains the nub theory in full. We then finish your report with a percentage of confidence.

Our best selling service is fast and easy!​ Simply choose the theory that works best for your baby’s gestational age, purchase from the shop, submit your ultrasound images, and check your email for the results!

You can receive your early gender prediction within 1 hour of submitting your ultrasound image by  choosing our fastest ever VIP express service. 

The information provided to you is backed by many years of knowledge on the nub theory. We are not medical professionals nor do we provide medical advice.

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