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 With more and more nub theory companies popping up, its hard to know which ones to trust. We understand your concerns, after all, the nub theory is much more difficult than it looks, and you want someone who knows what they're doing, right? With hundreds of 5 star reviews, and thousands of happy customers worldwide, The Nub Techs are one of the top nub theory prediction companies out there. We have collaborated with many amazing parents to be, including celebrities and influencers. You won't find another company who puts as much love and detail their your prediction as we do.

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Self trained through many years of experience, we are 2 mothers with a passion for the Nub Theory. Our love for learning the art of early fetal sex determination began during our own pregnancies. We discovered and began to learn everything about the Genital Tubercle (nub) and its stages of development. It was then, we realized that the nub theory was far more accurate than the traditional potty shot and began to use that was a more trusted method of confirmation. Throughout the years of our training, We became a trusted source of nub theory predictions for many in our personal lives. We loved doing it so much, we started doing it for a living!


 Nub theory is officially backed by science, down to advances of early diagnostic imaging, we can now provide accurate gender predictions at the earliest stages of pregnancy. 

genital tubercle

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The most talked about "theory" across the internet. But its not a theory, it's fact! And is backed by science. Find out more.


We hit the internet like a storm! And after many collaborations with celebrities, our amazing drawings went viral, hitting millions of views across all of our social media platforms.

We are the most trusted company for honesty, accuracy and the passion that we pour into our drawings.

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Lauren Goodger's daughters, Marnie Simpson, Charlotte Dawson's Boy's, Aaron Chambers & Talia Oatway Boy's, Helen Briggs (Bleuu), Hattie bourne, Amy Neville Girl's, Chelsea Ferguson. We've also read for two very high profile parents who we unfortunately cannot name, we did however get them correct. We also knew Mollie Mays baby was a girl and Shaughna phillip's baby was a girl.


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