GTM-WG8XH27 google-site-verification: google95a6d318fda64b63.html Gender Check I Potty shot /14+Side profile - Fast Response (2hrs)

Disclaimer - We can be extremely confident in our predictions and support this theory that is scientifically proven, however we do have to state that no gender is 100% until birth.

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With this option you will receive: 	A personalised report on your babies gender	Detailed drawings to show you exactly what we see on 	A percentage of how confident we are to reasure you on the gender you have previously been told 	 No physical item is shipped | EMAIL SERVICE * Scan images must be a potty shot of gender (between legs) A side profile can also show full genitals.*Scan images must be 14+ weeks(For best accuracy, please send all images & videos with the exact gestaion of your baby during scan.)Please note - A refund will be issued if gender can not be determined.

Gender Check I Potty shot | 24 HOUR