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Ectopic Pregnancy

That moment your told YOUR PREGNANT should be a happy and joyful time but unfortunately for me it was fear.

It all began on the 6th September 2012 when I had woken up feeling under the weather (thinking just another winter bug)... how wrong was I, as the day went on my condition got worse, pain in my shoulders, severely sharp pains in my left side of my abdomen and the feeling of faint, unsure of what it was I called my mum and asked if she could come around as I didn’t feel right, who would know that call would have saved my life, unfortunately I have no memory from there, all I can remember is waken up in A&E with doctors around me, they explained to me that my mum had walked into my house to find me passed out in the middle of my living room in a pile of blood, doctors had taken bloods while I was still passed out and the results would be back shortly, An hour passed before I saw that doctors face again when he announced I was pregnant BUT..... they suspect I’m having an ectopic pregnancy so they arranged an emergency scan 10 minutes later.

Sitting in a wheelchair outside the scan room nerves began to hit me, I was alone with no support as my mum has to get back to my younger sisters (then 3 & 5).

Emma McLennan a woman called and I was wheeled in by the hospital porter, lying on the bed having the cold jelly put on my stomach I had a strange feeling, I didn’t know if I was happy or sad then the scan began, after 15 minutes the sonographer asked me “are you sure your pregnant as I don’t see a baby here” that’s when I knew and I broke down into tears straight away, I was taken up to a gynaecology ward where a doctor explained that they needed to get me into surgery ASAP due to my symptoms and scan, Not even time to call my mum and let her know what was happening, that moment I was taken into the theatre I became uncontrollably emotional that I had to be pinned down to have a mask put over my face, the countdown began, 10,9,8,7,6... everything went black from there.

5 hours later I came around in the recovery ward with nurses around me telling me how sorry they where, I was then taken back up to my ward where my mum was waiting for me, The surgeon came round and explained the severity of my condition, “you’ve had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy” he said, apparently I was around 14 weeks and the baby had completely ripped away from my left tube and had imbedded between my ribs, he told me if I hadn’t been taken to hospital when I was then I may not have made it as I suffered a lot of blood loss and internal bleeding, That day I lost my left Fallopian tube and my hope for having anymore children (I already had a son who was 15 months) as time went on I suffered 2 more miscarriages before having my son and then a further 2 more miscarriages then I had my daughter!

I’m sorry for anyone who relates to my story and I’m wishing you all the happiness in the world.

Emma xoxo

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