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Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Have you heard about reflexology and gender prediction?

You can tell the sex of your unborn baby by looking at your feet. At least, that’s what reflexologists say. If your left foot looks ‘fatter’ in a particular place, just by the arch, you’re having a girl; if the right foot looks fatter at that same place, you’re having a boy.

Reflexology for gender prediction is becoming more and more popular – joining nub theory, skull theory, the Chinese gender prediction chart and a dozen old wives’ tales involving everything from rings on bits of string to baking soda, as one of the fun tests you can take when you’re pregnant to find out, before your 20-week scan, whether you’re expecting a girl or a boy.

So what do we have to do to predict with the reflexology gender test?

Take your shoes and socks off and sit down with the bottom of your feet touching each other. The right side of your body is masculine and the left side is feminine. She told her to look at her feet and the spot right below her ankles (on the side of her feet) right where the heel and the

arch connect. On side will be a little more fatty then the other side, and the side with more fat is either a girl or a boy.

How exactly can a bump on your foot predict your baby’s sex?

The origins of this understanding go back to ancient history and have probably been somewhat diluted over time but still remain to be around 90% accurate. HOW COOL IS THAT? have you tried it out? Did it work? Comment below to update us.

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1 Comment

Dec 12, 2020

Is that really work?

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