What do we have to offer?

The nub techs are pleased to be able to offer you an early insight into your baby's gender. Between 5-8 weeks, they specalise in predicting your baby's gender with the ramzi theory,

The theory is using the chorionic villi  placement location. It can be highly reliable when performed via live scanning, however through still images it does provide a slightly lower accuracy of 80%.

Between 12-14 weeks in gestation the nub techs can offer you a confidence of up to 98%, using the highly accurate nub theory, as we know it is the most talked about theory across the internet today. The nub theory allows someone with a trained eye to determine the sex of your unborn baby via the ultrasound images you provide.

There have been many studies on the accuracy of sex determination via ultrasound during the first trimester and there are some pretty high accuracy rates. (you can find these stats on our nub theory page)

From 12.5 weeks and above the nub techs can offer you our very special 99.9% accuracy package, this package not only offers you the chance to buy pink or blue 3 weeks earlier than usual but it offers you that extra special bonding time with your little one.

The information provided to you is backed by many years of knowledge on the the theory. We are not medical professionals nor do we provide medical advice.

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