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Eager to find out the sex of your baby, but your little one is being shy. Then why not give the skull theory a try.


The skull theory is more for entertainment purposes, however we know just how long that wait can feel until the sex of your baby is confirmed. 


The sex of your baby can be predicted when analysing how blocky, round, large or small the baby’s skull is. Boys are said to possess larger, blockier skull shapes than girls. Girls generally have more rounded skulls that are also smaller in overall size. 


Disclaimer :- With a wider range of accuracy between 70-95%, statistical and quantifiable research on this theory still needs to be scientifically backed. While it is proven that there are distinct skull differences between adult males and females, perhaps the reason why it is not as clear cut in the womb is due to the various angles and movements of the baby that can matrix the skull to look more like a male or female than it actually is. Results are sent within 24 hours of your purchase.


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